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Planets & Social Trends 2018

“Everything Turns, Rotates, Spins, Circles, Loops, Pulsates, Resonates, and Repeats. Circles of life, Born from Pulses of light, Vibrate to Breathe, While Spiraling Outwards for Infinity through the Lens of Time, and into a Sea of Stars” Suzy Kassem

In astrology, the slower moving planets are indicators of trends and themes within human society. Their current positions point to the issues we need to confront and deal with so that we can continue to progress with our evolutionary process.


The planet of growth & expansion is now working through the sign of transformation and regeneration. We can expect to see some potent power shifts with a purging influence – particularly in the areas of asset investment and resource management. Jupiter is taking us on a learning curve that confronts us with uncomfortable truths about why we selfishly hoard wealth that should be shared. The Serpents of dark arts & industries that plunder, exploit and abuse will strongly resist shedding their skins owing to the huge profits they make. But while they deny development by hanging onto power they are stifling progress and endangering human evolution on Planet Earth.

The seeds of situations which could have a major impact on human affairs were planted when Jupiter was last in Scorpio 12 years ago. November 2015 is when Angela Merkel was appointed the first female Chancellor of Germany. Now we see a major challenge to her position and a shift of power within the heart of European government that could undermine and transform the current status quo in world politics.  We can also look back to October 2006 (when Jupiter was moving towards the end of Scorpio) as the point when North Korea embarked on the journey towards becoming a nuclear power. This journey has now come to the stage where it provides a major threat to world peace.


In November 2018, Jupiter will move into adventurous Sagittarius, where its exuberant energies are released to work more freely and naturally. The positive potential is for new horizons to open up, offering increasingly optimistic views of the way forward. But it’s also possible that we’ll be raking in the results of poor planning, reckless risk-taking and a reluctance to read the small print on some of the ventures we’ve carelessly embarked upon over the past 12 years. There will be a lot for us to learn from being cavalier about consequences. We don’t have to relinquish optimism and positivity but we do have to remember that all actions have outcomes. For this reason, ideologies must be tested for their reliability and viability before they are implemented.


Responsibility (especially at a corporate level) for decisions & actions taken in 1989-90 will be coming home to roost. Plans and preparations made then will now be manifested in real terms – for better or worse. The Soul Group born in 1982-83 could play a significant role at this stage, owing to the fact they have Saturn conjunct Pluto in their birth charts. They may take a key position in holding previous generations to account for their selfishness, greed, poor planning and abuse of authority. They may also be instrumental in giving birth to and parenting a tribe of Wise Ones who will guide the evolution of Planet Earth to higher levels of awareness and integrity. The world must now lay foundations and carry out the groundwork for aims & aspirations to be achieved over the next 30 years. But this time around, our forecasts and strategies should be based on reality rather than wishful thinking. We must plan our future with patience, responsibility, wisdom and maturity rather than allowing it to be being controlled by vested interests & selfish ambitions.


As the Wounded Healer Asteroid moves away from its overly-empathetic, self-pitying position in Pisces into brave & independent Aries we can expect to see more assertiveness from those who tend to label themselves as Victims. Deprived of the expectation that they are going to be rescued from ill-health, poverty, exploitation, etc., people will have to start sorting out their own solutions. Look back to when Chiron was last in the first zodiac sign which was in the late 1960s through the 1970s. This was the era of people protesting against social conditions that oppressed and victimised them. They refused to sacrifice themselves as cannon fodder in powerful men’s wars and they stood against tyrants who tried to enslave and control them because of their sex, or the colour of their skin. It’s time to re-affirm this trend and take it to the next level.


Looking back to 1934-1942 when Uranus last went into Taurus, we can expect disruption on a global scale. This time around the unrest could be caused by geological upheaval, climate change, volcanic & tectonic plate activity with sudden and unpredictable fluctuations in sea levels and established weather patterns. The knock on effects of this disruption will bring radical change to all areas and levels of human activity. Consequently, new technologies that could help us find novel ways of providing for our physical needs so we can stop annihilating our environment should start to establish themselves. Ideally, these innovative ideas will help us develop our social systems to make them freer and fairer for all who live on Planet Earth. But we will need to guard against a cold-blooded campaign to replace natural, organic beings with robots, androids, clones & genetically modified zombies.


Neptune reaches the middle degrees in its own spiritual and sensitive sign Pisces during 2018 & 2019. This could increase our yearning for metaphysical messages and interdimensional insights that help us to see beyond our mundane existence. It may also make us kinder and more sympathetic towards our fellow Earthlings. It’s probably the position of Neptune that’s inspiring the current world movements in ecology, animal welfare and veganism. Unfortunately, nebulous Neptune could also be behind the religious idealism that manipulates people into making martyrs of themselves. And it may be feeding the addiction for fantasy TV, shopping, junk food, alcohol and drugs that enables us to escape the harsher realities of life. But we must resist the temptation to sacrifice our hard-gained consciousness and drift off into a hypnotic, sleep-walking state from which it’s very difficult to awake.


Pluto is now passed the mid-point of its relentless journey through status-conscious Capricorn, continuing its mission to purge, transform and regenerate corporate hierarchies and authoritarian power structures. We see Pluto’s undermining influence at work in a failing social order that is crumbling before our eyes. The last era of Pluto in Capricorn witnessed the guillotining of wealthy French aristocrats who ate cake while their peasant surfs & workers starved to death. It also saw the introduction of industrial practices that are now being held responsible for enslaving populations and polluting the planet. Pluto dictates that it is time to confront the consequences of our collective karma. Any human system that has employed exploitation or abuse to enrich and empower itself will be held accountable and cast into the fiery furnace that purifies and renews.

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