1st Sign of the Zodiac – 1st House of the Horoscope – Element is Fire
Quality is Cardinal (goal-oriented) – Ruled by Planet Mars

All About Zodiac Sign Aries


  • Aries are natural-born romantics. Everything comes from their heart.
  • They love winning, coming first and being first. They’re naturally playful and amusing.
  • They hate being told to wait (unless there’s a very good reason).
  • They dread disappointment.
  • They appear confident, competitive, independent and full of energy.
  • They are naturally brave and courageous but they tend to rush in head first without thinking things through.
  • Aries sees money as a means to an end. It buys freedom and independence. They become rich by pioneering new approaches and new ways to attack problems.
  • Aries are naturally hot-headed and often suffer with headaches and health problems involving the head.


ROMANTIC: passionate and impulsive, Aries often fall in love at first sight. They’re physically very affectionate and playful. They relish winning, coming first and being the best. Being in a relationship with an Aries can sometimes feel you’re in a competition you didn’t know you’d entered.
FRIENDSHIP: Aries are very straightforward. If they like you they show it, if you’ve upset them, you’ll know at once.
FAMILY: Aries can’t help competing. They’ll support and encourage you as long as you’re not as good as they are. They don’t like it if you overtake them!
PROFESSIONAL: Aries are quick learners and independent workers. Give them the initiative and they’ll take it. But don’t forget to praise their progress and reward their efforts.
KEY RELATIONSHIP: is the one Aries have with themselves. A positive self-image is essential if Aries are to achieve their full potential.


The 3 fire signs Aries, Leo & Sagittarius are self-confident, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic. They follow their instincts before listening to anyone else. They can be demanding and self-centered. The 4 signs Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn share a Cardinal quality which is ambitious and goal-oriented.

Motivated cardinal quality plus the enthusiastic element of Fire makes the 1st zodiac sign actively competitive and very keen to win. Aries can become quite negative and dejected without something definite to aim for, or goals that help them to channel their natural drive in ways that excite and inspire them.


Aries with fellow Fire Signs:
ARIES The best solution is a three-legged race so they can cross the winning line together!
LEO This works well if Aries is ready to take orders and Leo is happy to get a move on.
SAGITTARIUS Make sure you agree on an itinerary. Aries wants to get to the destination while Sagittarius is more interested in the journey.

Aries with Earth Signs:
TAURUS This combination is a bit Hare & Tortoise. Aries is raring to go while Taurus prefers to take their time. If you understand this, you can both win.
VIRGO This pair covers all the corners. Aries provides the motivation and Virgo takes care of the detail.
CAPRICORN These two share an ambitious streak but disagreements arise when Aries demands spur of the moment decisions and Capricorn insists on long-term planning.

Aries with Air Signs:
GEMINI This pair move at the speed of lightning. Aries loves to zoom and Gemini is quite capable of matching the pace.
LIBRA Although it’s an attraction of opposites, this partnership can work so long as Aries is prepared to co-operate when Libra asks for compromise.
AQUARIUS this is an interesting combination as both signs value independence but passionate Aries could be too much for cool Aquarius.

Aries with Water Signs:
CANCER Trust doesn’t come easy to these two. Tactless Aries can speak without thinking and moody Cancerians are easily offended. It’s a creative combination though.
SCORPIO This dynamic duo energise each other with regular sparring matches. But Aries forgive and forget far quicker than brooding Scorpio.
PISCES These two are a Zodiac-style Laurel and Hardy. Aries is decisive and Pisces is dreamy.

FAMOUS ARIES – The Mythology of Aries – Aries Ruling Planet

Note: Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.

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