4th Sign of the Zodiac – 4th House of the Horoscope – Element is Water
Quality is Cardinal (goal-oriented) – Ruled by the Moon

All About Zodiac Sign Cancer


  • Cancerians are natural-born nurturers: kind, caring and great cooks! They are naturally gifted with creative talents.
  • Cancerians need the love of their loved ones and they hate having their feelings hurt.
  • Cancerians are usually looking for something or someone to take care of. They come across as kind and sympathetic, but others can be confused by their defensive moodiness.
  • Cancerians tend to worry needlessly about what may never happen. They can be overprotective of loved ones.
  • Money is the raw material for creative projects and helps Cancerians create the family home that is so important to them.
  • Cancerians tend to have sensitive stomachs. They hold tension in the solar plexus (the middle of the diaphragm), which is made worse by worry and anxiety.


ROMANTIC: The fear of being hurt causes Cancerians to hide their true feelings until they feel safe enough to show how deeply involved they are.
FRIENDSHIP: A Cancerian will treat their true friends as family members.
FAMILY: Cancerians tend to prioritise their family, even when relationships are strained or difficult.
PROFESSIONAL: Cancerians need a free reign for their creativity so it’s best to discuss any budgetary constraints on a regular basis.
KEY RELATIONSHIP: for Cancerians is the one they have with their mother. Whether that relationship is good, bad or non-existent it is still of utmost importance.


The 3 water signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are imaginative, emotional, nurturing, wise and they are very good listeners! They can be moody and unpredictable. Although they find it easy to experience strong emotions, it’s hard for them to communicate their feelings clearly. The 4 signs Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn share a Cardinal quality which is ambitious and goal-oriented.

A combination of active Cardinality and intuitive water energy makes the 4th zodiac sign naturally creative. Cancer can become negative and fretful without a pet project to absorb them and provide a focus for their need to create and nurture.


Cancer with Fire Signs:
ARIES Trust doesn’t come easy to these two. Moody Cancerians are easily offended and tactless Aries can speak without thinking. It’s a creative combination though.
LEO Maternal Cancer and paternal LEO should make perfect parents so long as their areas of responsibility are recognised.
SAGITTARIUS Different Strokes for Different Folks. Cancerians need a firm home base and Sagittarians crave the open road.

Cancer with Earth Signs:
TAURUS Vulnerable Cancer feels safer with a sturdy Taurus around. These two encourage each other to express their creative and artistic talents.
VIRGO This is a sensible arrangement. Cancer contributes the carrot cake and Virgo organises tea in a warmed pot.
CAPRICORN There’s a natural attraction between these two but Cancer just knows it, while Capricorn requires a signature backed up by a legal document.

Cancer with Air Signs:
GEMINI This pair don’t have a great deal in common but quick-witted Gemini appreciates Cancer’s creative thinking.
LIBRA Both partners need to understand the bottom line of this dynamic. Which is: Cancer thinks with their heart – Libra with their mind.
AQUARIUS They share a talent for original thinking but these two will need communication coaching. Cancer is too shy and Aquarius is too cool.

Cancer with fellow Water Signs:
CANCER It’s a Masterchef Final! But there could be a lot of sulking and secret diary writing as this is a moody duo.
SCORPIO These two admire each other. Cancer’s creativity impresses Scorpio. Scorpio’s courage inspires Cancer.
PISCES This is a creative combination but Cancer works to achieve and Pisces’ lack of focus tends to get in the way of actual results.

FAMOUS CANCERIANS – The Mythology of Zodiac Sign Cancer – Cancerian Ruling Planet

Note: Your Zodiac Sign refers to which astrological constellation the Sun appeared to be in on the date of your birth. Each sign lasts for about 30 days, starting from around the 21st of each calendar month. If you were born close to the cusp of one sign and the next, you will need to check your year of birth for which date and at what time on that date, the Sun moved signs.

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