Astro Oracle Readings

Online or Phone Audio Recorded Sessions 60 minutes £30

Readings are recorded by me and emailed to you in MP3 format
You receive images & explanations of all the cards that come up for you in PDF format
Payment is by bank transfer after your reading when I send you my UK account details


This type of reading is ideal if you’re new to astrology and want a taste of what it can offer. It’s also great if you’ve had your birth chart done before but are looking for specific guidance and clarity within your current situation. Each reading is unique and intuitive, respecting the individual situation and the energies involved.

I work with cards that I have designed myself using images created by visionary artist Jennifer Hedley (she’s a Pisces of course!). Guided by you, I draw the cards and use them to interpret what is going on for you and what you need to do to get the best possible results and outcomes.

  • CARD 1 HOROSCOPE HOUSE the area of your life that’s currently involved
  • CARD 2 PLANETARY ENERGY the aspect of your Self that needs attention
  • CARD 3 & 4 ZODIAC SIGN ENERGIES the influences that are working for you and against you
  • CARD 5 ELEMENT & QUALITY what type of energy you are using and whether there’s too much or too little of it


  • CARD 1 HOROSCOPE HOUSE the area of your life you need to focus on to achieve the results you want
  • CARD 2 PLANETARY ENERGY pinpoints the issue that you are really working with
  • CARD 3 & 4 ZODIAC SIGN ENERGIES define short to long-term goals and give an indication of timing
  • CARD 5 ELEMENT & QUALITY what type of energy you need to apply moving forward

If you prefer to work with the Tarot, I offer sensitive readings using beautiful, non-threatening images that offer you comfort, clarity and insight. Shadowscapes Tarot Readings

Please be aware of the limits and terms of my readings, and of this website.

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