Astrology’s Point of View

Astrology's View of Life on Planet Earth

Astrology’s point of view is based on what appears to be happening in the Heavens, looking out from our position on Planet Earth. It seems to us that the sky and everything in it is moving around the Earth in a never-ending dance of cycles and patterns. Astrology believes that these celestial cycles and patterns manifest themselves in individual life forms, in order to experience physical existence.

The Zodiac Band is based on the star groups along the path of Earth’s orbit around the Sun

While it appears from our viewpoint on Earth that the Sun moves in a 360º circle around the sky, in reality it is the Earth that is taking around 360 days to complete one full orbit of the Sun. The Zodiac Band is a very stylised version of the section of the sky along which the Sun appears to travel, known as the Ecliptic. It has been divided into 12 equal sections of 30º degrees each. The 12 sections have been allocated to twelve of the star groups (or constellations) that fall across the path of the Ecliptic. Twelve sections of 30º degrees each add up to the 360º circle that represents what appears to us to be the Sun’s journey across the Heavens above Earth.

The 12 sections from 0º to 360º of the Zodiac Band or Ecliptic have been named for the constellations, as follows:

  • 0º to 30º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Aries
  • 30º to 60º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Taurus
  • 60º to 90º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Gemini
  • 90º to 120º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Cancer
  • 120º to 150º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Leo
  • 150º to 180º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Virgo
  • 180º to 210º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Libra
  • 210º to 240º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Scorpio
  • 240º to 270º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Sagittarius
  • 270º to 310º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Capricorn
  • 310º to 330º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Aquarius
  • 330º to 360º of the Zodiac Band is allocated to Pisces

The 12 Zodiac Star Groups, or Signs, have their own well defined characteristics. Although we can trace meanings of the Zodiac Signs back to Egyptian times and beyond, no to one knows their true origins, many of which are probably pre-historic. more about the Zodiac Signs

Astronomy and Astrology

Astronomy is the scientific side of our attempt to understand the workings of the skies above our home planet. Astronomy explains how the Sun, Moon, Planets and Constellations move, what they are made of, the distances of time and space between them. The goal of astronomy is to make real time observations, take material measurements and draw logical conclusions.

The Zodiac is not a logical concept, it is part of a symbolic language that has been used through the Ages to help us interpret Life’s mysteries. It’s difficult to prove Astrology “works” in scientific terms, because its nature is not pragmatic, it is philosophical. Astrology takes a metaphysical view of the Heavens, in an attempt to find deeper meaning in our existence. It takes us beyond the confines of our physical existence in 3-D reality and turns us into time travellers. Our birth chart is the map we have brought along to guide us on our journey.

The Horoscope is based on Earth’s daily turn on its axis and yearly orbit around the Sun


Although from our position on Earth, the sky appears to move around us in a clockwise direction once per day, in fact it is the Earth that is rotating in an anti clockwise direction around a line drawn through the North and South Poles of the planet, known as an axis.

One full turn of the Earth around its axis in relation to the position of the stars is called a Sidereal Day, which is 4 minutes short of 24 hours. One full turn of the Earth around its axis in relation to the position of the Sun is called a Solar Day, which is 24 hours.

As the Earth turns on its axis during the course of a day, the appearance of the sky changes according to your geographical position. The sky, which is represented in astrology by the horoscope wheel, seems to turn in a clockwise direction. The whole sky and everything in it – Moon, Sun, Planets, Stars and Constellations – appears to rise in the East and set in the West.


Astrology divides the 24 hour period of one day into 4 main sections

1. from midnight to sunrise
2. from sunrise to midday
3. from midday to sunset
4. from sunset to midnight

Each of the four sections is then divided into 3, giving 12 divisions in total. These divisions are called Horoscope Houses, and each one is allocated to a Zodiac Signs:

1st house allocated to 1st zodiac sign Aries (house of Rising Sign or Ascendant)
2nd house allocated to 2nd zodiac sign Taurus
3rd house allocated to 3rd zodiac sign Gemini
4th house allocated to 4th zodiac sign Cancer (house of Base Sign or IC)
5th house allocated to 5th zodiac sign Leo
6th house allocated to 6th zodiac sign Virgo
7th house allocated to 7th zodiac sign Libra (house of Setting Sign or Descendant)
8th house allocated to 8th zodiac sign Scorpio
9th house allocated to 9th zodiac sign Sagittarius
10th house allocated to 10th zodiac sign Capricorn (house of Midheaven Sign or MC)
11th house allocated to 11th zodiac sign Aquarius
12th house allocated to 12th zodiac sign Pisces

This basic allocation of houses to signs never changes and forms an underlying template for birth chart interpretation.

As the Earth moves along its orbit during the course of a year, the Sun will appear to rise and set in different sections of the Zodiac Band

At the March Equinox, the Sun will appear to rise in Aries and set in Libra. But as the year progresses and the Earth moves along its orbit, the Sun will appear to rise and set in other sections of the Zodiac.

At the June solstice the Sun will appear to rise in Cancer and set in Capricorn. At the September equinox it will appear to rise in Libra and set in Aries. At the December solstice it will appear to rise in Capricorn and set in Cancer.

The signs on the horoscope houses will change, following on from the apparent position of the Sun against the Zodiac Band and the actual position of the Earth on its orbit around the Sun. But whatever signs are on the beginning (or cusp) of the 12 horoscope houses, we still refer back to the underlying template of the horoscope houses for interpretation purposes. more about Horoscope Houses

Once you start seeing things from Astrology’s point of view, interpreting the Heavens will come easily to you!

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