Astro Energies

Energies of Astrology

Astrology interprets the influences of the Sun, Moon and Planets working through the characteristics of the 12 Zodiac Signs and the patterns created by contacts between the heavenly bodies.


The characteristics of the 12 zodiac signs are activated by and work with the energies of the Planets in the Solar System. Each sign has helpful and harmful qualities. The Sun, Moon and Planets are influenced by their positive and negative aspects as they move through them.

  • ARIES is self-motivated but impatient
  • TAURUS is resourceful but stubborn
  • GEMINI is clever but easily distracted
  • CANCER is creative but shy
  • LEO is confident but bossy
  • VIRGO is efficient but fussy
  • LIBRA is co-operative but indecisive
  • SCORPIO is strong but controlling
  • SAGITTARIUS is intelligent but restless
  • CAPRICORN is mature but materialistic
  • AQUARIUS is original but eccentric
  • PISCES is visionary but chaotic


The Planets also have their own helpful and harmful qualities and these can either collaborate or clash with the signs they are moving through. For example, expansive Jupiter is very much at home in energetic fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) but can feel constricted in the element of Earth. Whereas structured Saturn is comfortable in practical earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) but finds the element of Fire too restless. Planets are linked to Signs not just through placement but also through Rulership

  • The Sun is energising but can be overpowering
  • The Moon is imaginative but can be moody
  • Mercury is informative but can be evasive
  • Venus is artistic but can be lazy
  • Mars is active but can be pushy
  • Ceres is fertile but can be wasteful
  • Jupiter is optimistic but can be reckless
  • Saturn is structured but can be pessimistic
  • Chiron is healing but can be self-pitying
  • Uranus is evolutionary but can be rebellious
  • Neptune is inspirational but can be confusing
  • Pluto is transformational but can be ruthless
  • Eris is assertive but can be aggressive


The patterns formed by the Sun Moon and Planets when you were born contain key information about your true character and your true potential. Planetary Patterns (called Aspects) are probably the most complicated part of your Birthchart reading, and take the most skill to interpret. This is because each of us is absolutely unique, which is why we choose to work with energy – either positive or negative – in our own way.

  • Conjunct – the planets are in the same part of the zodiac band. This can be helpful or challenging, depending on the energies involved.
  • Sextile – the planets are 60 degrees apart. This aspect allows the energies involved to support each other and work together constructively.
  • Quintile – the planets are 72 degrees apart. This aspect brings special talents which may not be accepted until they are consciously acknowledged and recognised.
  • Square – the planets are 90 degrees apart. Squares tend to bring challenge. The intensity of the challenge depends upon the energies involved.
  • Trine – the planets are 120 degrees apart. Trines are usually helpful and point to potential based on natural talents and abilities.
  • Quincunx – the planets are 150 degrees apart. This aspect brings a sense of strain and awkwardness because the zodiac signs in which the planets are placed are not very compatible.
  • Opposing – the planets are 180 degrees apart. This aspect tends to create either an attraction or repulsion of opposites and can complicate things when important choices or relationship issues are involved.

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