Forecasting with the Moving Planets

Astrology & the Moving Planets

The Planets follow elegant, precise, predictable rhythms and cycles. This allows us to match past events (whether natural or man-made) with specific planetary patterns and positions, giving us the ability to identify possible future trends in our lives.


As the Planets of the Solar System continue to travel on through time and space, they trigger factors within your Birth Chart. Your reading includes information about which planetary movements (called Transits) are currently activating your Birth Chart. This information is used to forecast future trends, which can be used to help you create opportunity and avoid problems.

You could think of transits as milestones along your Life Path. They do not need to threaten or delay your progress, even if they bring difficulties or challenges. You are always in charge of how you meet those challenges however scary they seem at the time. Get to know the Planets – they are your allies, not your enemies.

An astrology forecast is not fortune telling. It’s more like a weather report, alerting you to the fair and/or adverse conditions ahead of you. Astrology forecasting helps you to prepare for sunshine or rain depending on what’s coming. Life experiences can then be used to develop coping strategies and creative solutions.


The Sun Bringer of Light As the Earth travels along its orbit each year, the Sun appears to move around your horoscope, shedding light on your birth chart planets and energising their characteristics.

The Moon symbol of Soul & Inner Wisdom The Moon triggers your birth chart on a monthly basis, giving you the chance to connect to the inner wisdom of your Soul via your moods, instincts, imagination and intuition. Key days for you will be when the moving Moon is in the same sign as your birth chart Moon or Sun.

Mercury Planet of Communication Mercury circles your birth chart in under a year. When it triggers your planets or horoscope houses, it boosts your ability to absorb, remember, understand and communicate information. It can also activate links between you and your siblings, childhood friends and members of your local community.

Venus Planet of Values, Resources & Relationships As she travels around your birth chart, Venus enhances your social skills and helps you to value and express the talents and abilities you were born with. She may also introduce partnerships into your life, bringing you the chance to collaborate or co-operate with others.

Mars Planet of Action & Energy Mars takes about 2 years to travel around your Birth Chart, increasing your levels of energy, vitality and strength and making you more competitive. You can use Mars energy to activate your willingness to win and to help you identify goals to aim at. But Mars does have a tendency to cause impatience, which can make you accident prone.

Ceres the Nurturer Dwarf planet Ceres triggers your birth chart in ways which help you to nurture and be nurtured. It also makes you more fertile – not just physically but also mentally. Whether you are planning to start a family or trying to write a book, you can count on Ceres to give you a boost!

Jupiter Planet of Opportunity Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to the same place in the solar system it occupied on your Birth Date. Each Jupiter return marks the beginning of a new 12 year adventure or experience in your life. When Jupiter triggers your Birth Chart it always brings the opportunity to grow and develop beyond your current circumstances.
Jupiter increases confidence levels, giving you the courage to face new experiences with faith and enthusiasm. The larger-than-life planet can make you make you restless, careless or over-confident about your ability to handle certain situations, but so long as you keep your feet on the ground you should be able to make the most of Jolly Jupiter’s encouraging influence.

Saturn Planet of Structure, Discipline & Maturity Saturn returns to the same place in the solar system it occupied on your Birth Date about every 28-30 years. Saturn brings structure and form into your life. When Saturn triggers your Birth Chart it usually brings experiences that will make you wiser and more mature. Saturn asks you to become more committed to your life, and more responsible for the decisions and choices you make.
Saturn transits can feel rather difficult – as if you are trying to pass an advanced exam so you can move on to the next level of your life. They are not much fun at the time but if you use them wisely, they can help you develop your potential and manifest your goals.

Chiron the Healer Chiron is an asteroid rather than a planet but its astrological influence remains strong. Life on Planet Earth is a risky business and most humans bear war wounds and battle scars from their experiences. Wounds and scars are part of the adventure. They are a way of reminding us that we have been brave enough to face the challenges that life brings.
When Chiron triggers your Birth Chart it creates situations which help you to heal old wounds. You may also be involved in situations which allow you to help other people to heal their wounds.

Uranus Planet of Change & Evolution As many of us do not make it to the ripe old age of 84, we may not live to see the return of Uranus to the same place in the solar system it occupied in our Birth Charts. More of us will be still be around when, in our early 40s, Uranus opposes its birth chart position. The 42-year trigger of Uranus often coincides with the famous “midlife crisis” when people want to shrug off existing routine and responsibility and go off in an entirely new direction. When Uranus triggers your Birth Chart, it tends to bring radical change into your life. The best way to deal with Uranus is not to resist it but to embrace its call to evolve.

Neptune Planet of Vision & Inspiration Neptune is not so much a cycle as an influence that ebbs and flows throughout your life. When Neptune triggers your Birth Chart it usually activates your imagination in some way. This can be helpful by opening you up to inspirational ideas and experiences, but you need to be aware that it can also confuse or deceive you.
So long as you the difference between fantasy and reality, you can use Neptune to help make your world more loving, beautiful, artistic and imaginative.

Pluto the Planet of Power & Transformation When Pluto triggers your Birth Chart it usually brings powerful experiences that transform you or the way you live your life. Pluto transits tend to push you well out of your comfort zone, but once you’ve completed them you’ll feel like a new person.
Pluto brings you the potential to empower yourself in all the important aspects of your life so that you will never play the role of victim again.

Eris the Assertive Astrologers are still gathering experience of working with Eris, the newly discovered dwarf planet of our solar system. Eris moves very slowly (taking over 550 years to orbit the Sun) and may never trigger your Birth Chart directly. If it does, it will probably create situations which encourage you to assert yourself, your ideals and values. Eris brings out the Warrior in you, even at the cost of creating confrontation and disharmony in your life.

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