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Houses of the Horoscope

The Horoscope is a diagram illustrating the movement of the Earth. Each day, the Earth has moved further along its annual orbit around the Sun, and the sky looks a little different. And while the Earth is moving, so is the Moon and the other Planets of the Solar System. The Horoscope Wheel shows how they appear to be placed against the constellations of the Zodiac Band as the Earth revolves on its axis every 24 hours (more about Earth’s movement)


A horoscope becomes more detailed when it is drawn up for a particular time and place. The starting place is the Rising Sign or Ascendant, which represents the segment of sky rising in the East at the Time of Birth. The wheel is then divided into 12 segments or houses, to represent different areas of human life. Each of the houses starts and finishes with lines called cusps.

Your personal horoscope is based on your time, date and place of birth. If you do not know your time of birth, your horoscope will be created without house cusps, using your date and place of birth. The 12 horoscope houses represent a different sector of your life experience. The Sun, Moon & Planets placed in your horoscope houses show which areas of your life will have greater importance or a more pronounced focus.

THE 1ST HOUSE describes your appearance and the way you introduce yourself. It influences the way you project your personality and how others see you. Planets in the 1st house are very obvious and strongly expressed.

THE 2ND HOUSE describes your physical and material resources ranging from material possessions and finances to personal assets such as talents and abilities. Planets in this house help to define what you value and they can also point to a talent for generating monetary wealth.

THE 3RD HOUSE is the early learning centre of the horoscope! It describes your childhood and how you learned to communicate through early experiences within your family, community and school.

THE 4TH HOUSE describes your home life, family and ancestral line. It’s how and where you feel safe and at home. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life.

THE 5TH HOUSE is about creative self-expression. It defines your relationship with yourself and it describes how you play, have fun and fall in love. It is also the house of parents and children.

THE 6TH HOUSE describes your attitude to health and to the rhythms, routines, chores and duties of daily life. It defines your approach to work, and the way you use your skills in this area. The 6th house shows the role of animals and pets in your life.

THE 7TH HOUSE defines your approach to partnerships both personal and professional and describes the type of person you attract and are attracted to. Planets in the 7th house are not clearly expressed, or easy to recognise.

THE 8TH HOUSE describes how you cope with managing resources, and how generous you are in sharing them with others. Planets in this house could show an ability to attract, invest or inherit wealth.

THE 9TH HOUSE describes your approach to self-development and to expanding your levels of knowledge and experience. Planets in the 9th house show an interest in exploration, travel and philosophy.

THE 10TH HOUSE reveals your ambitions and describes how you would like to be seen by the world. It shows your professional potential, as well as your attitude to authority figures in Society.

THE 11TH HOUSE describes your attitude to friendship, to group activities and to fellow humans generally. It also reveals your hopes and dreams for the future.

THE 12TH HOUSE reveals information about your inner self. Planets in the 12th house suggest that you will be strongly influenced by your imagination and that you will be aware of a spiritual dimension in your life.


THE 1ST & 7TH HOUSES: Your Personality & Your Relationships
The signs on these house cusps are also known as the Ascendant & Descendant signs. They are the sections of the zodiac which were rising in the east and setting in the west at the time of your birth, in the place of your birth. They play an important role in how you project your personality and how you approach your relationships with others.

THE 4TH & 10TH HOUSES: Your Personal & Professional Goals
The signs on these house cusps are also known as the IC & MC signs. They are the sections of the zodiac which were directly overhead the place of your birth and directly overhead on the opposite side of the world at the time of your birth. They play an important role in your choice of professional and personal goals.


Although the zodiac signs on the cusps of your Horoscope Houses will be based on your time, date and place of birth, there is an underlying universal template that connects the 12 houses with the 12 zodiac signs and their ruling planets, as follows:

  • the 1st house is connected with Aries and Mars
  • the 2nd house is connected with Taurus and Venus
  • the 3rd house is connected with Gemini and Mercury
  • the 4th house is connected with Cancer and the Moon
  • the 5th house is connected with Leo and the Sun
  • the 6th house is connected with Virgo and Mercury
  • the 7th house is connected with Libra and Venus
  • the 8th house is connected with Scorpio and Pluto
  • the 9th house is connected with Sagittarius and Jupiter
  • the 10th house is connected with Capricorn and Saturn
  • the 11th house is connected with Aquarius and Uranus
  • the 12th house is connected with Pisces and Neptune

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