Shadowscapes Tarot Readings

Online or Phone Audio Recorded Sessions 60 minutes £30

Readings are recorded by me and emailed to you in MP3 format
You receive images of all the cards that come up for you in PDF format
Payment is by bank transfer after your reading when I send you my UK account details


I learned the Tarot using a variety of decks and packs but I didn’t feel comfortable working with the negative, menacing energies of many of the images they used. I finally found the Shadowscapes tarot deck and I now really enjoy working with its uplifting messages and symbolism. I feel that the artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law offers a sensitive, non-threatening and positive view of life’s more challenging situations. If you compare The Tower in the Shadowscapes Tarot with The Tower in the more traditional Rider Waite Tarot, I think you’ll see what I mean!

The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower Card represents sudden change, disruption and upheaval. The Tower card from the Rider Waite deck depicts Change as life destroying and catastrophic. The same card in the Shadowscapes Tarot acknowledges the upsetting effects of Change but also celebrates the creative potential within it. All Stephanie’s beautiful tarot images are on her website

YOUR READING We’ll choose cards for your reading under these main headings:

  1. Your current situation
  2. What is working for and/or against you
  3. The foundation, basis or bottom line of your situation
  4. What you aspire to, what you’re hoping to achieve
  5. Passing influences
  6. Incoming influences
  7. Your view of your situation
  8. The attitudes and atmospheres around you
  9. Your hopes and fears for the situation
  10. The potential outcome for you

We may also choose to use a Zodiac Sign Significator. This card will correspond to the element of your Sun Sign see Elements in the Tarot:

  • Earth=Pentacles TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN

Sometimes the cards follow a clear time-line towards the future. Sometimes they take you back to the past, but this is only to stop you repeating the same mistakes you’ve already made! Sometimes the cards speak to you on a purely practical level, but they can also define your situation from a mental and/or spiritual viewpoint.

Please be aware of the limits and terms of my readings, and of this website.

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