Sun, Moon & Planets

Astrology & the Planets

Your Birth Chart is a channel for the energies of the Sun, Moon & Planets

Their positions in the skies above Earth, against the backdrop of the Zodiac Band and the patterns they create as we move through Time & Space, are expressed through You and the choices you make. In astrology, the Heavenly Bodies (Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, etc. are seen as the carriers and catalysts of consciousness.

The Planets interact with each other via the planetary patterns they create. They also interact with the energies of the Zodiac Signs & Horoscope Houses as they pass through them.

  • The Sun is energising but can be overpowering
  • The Moon is imaginative but can be moody
  • Mercury is informative but can be misleading
  • Venus is talented but can be passive
  • Mars is active but can be pushy
  • Ceres is fertile but can be wasteful
  • Jupiter is optimistic but can be reckless
  • Saturn is disciplined but can be pessimistic
    Chiron is healing but can be self-pitying
  • Uranus is evolutionary but can be rebellious
  • Neptune is inspirational but can be confusing
  • Pluto is transformational but can be ruthless
  • Eris is assertive but can be aggressive

The Sun in your Birth Chart The Sun reveals the real you, your true identity and your true potential. The Sun is the hero or heroine of your Life’s story. It shows the influence important male role models have had on you and how they have helped to shape your character. Most people can relate to their Sun Sign qualities and characteristics which they are usually able to recognise and control.

The Moon in your Birth Chart The Moon reveals your secret self, your instincts, emotions, feelings and memories. The Moon describes your origins, your family, your early upbringing and its effect on you. It also explains how you have been influenced by important female role models. Most people are not aware of their Moon sign characteristics and therefore they are not so easy to recognise or control.

Mercury in your Birth Chart Mercury tells you about your mind and the way it works, the way you absorb and process information and how you express your ideas. Mercury describes your early learning experience and childhood connections with siblings, school pals and local community. Mercury also points to the Wheeler-Dealer in you and how easy or difficult it is to market yourself and your ideas.

Venus in your Birth Chart Venus tells you about your attitude to relationships and the type of partners you tend to be attracted to. Venus also reveals your true talents and abilities – the natural resources that will help make your life more comfortable, enjoyable and creative. Venus tells you a lot about the most important relationship in your life – the one you have with Yourself. The position of Venus in your birth chart will show how well you value and esteem yourself and whether or not you think you deserve to receive the good things of life.

Mars in your Birth Chart Mars describes how you identify your goals and set out to win them. Mars shows your emotional drive and your levels of physical stamina. The birth chart position of Mars describes the ebb and flow of your energy. It also reveals how independent, courageous and motivated you are and how determined you are to get what you want.

Ceres in your Birth Chart Ceres is a large asteroid or dwarf planet orbiting between Mars & Jupiter. She was named after the Roman Goddess of fertility, farming & motherhood.The birth chart position of Ceres shows how fertile and productive you are. Ceres also reveals your ability to nurture and be nurtured and can describe your relationship with food. Ceres may also point to your potential as a green-fingered gardener.

Jupiter in your Birth Chart Jupiter shows how you make the most of opportunity and good fortune. The birth chart position of Jupiter describes how optimistic and adventurous you are.
It reveals how you explore the world around you and how you expand your knowledge through experience. It shows what you believe in and how your belief systems influence your progress through life.

Saturn in your Birth Chart Saturn tells you about your ability to work with structure and discipline. It shows how ambitious and status-conscious you are and also describes your relationship with authority. The birth chart position of Saturn describes how you have had to cope with difficult circumstances. Saturn also shows where you will be tested until you learn to overcome what you fear most and therefore what restricts you most.

Chiron in your Birth Chart Chiron is an asteroid rather than a planet but its astrological influence remains strong. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer and it represents your capacity for healing yourself and for helping to heal others. The ability to heal extends to all life forms: mineral, plant, animal and human and includes the Planet itself. The birth chart position of Chiron shows where you may have been wounded in the past, or what kind of wounded-ness could have been inherited through your ancestral line.

Uranus in your Birth Chart Uranus describes what it is about you that is unique and original and what makes you different from everyone else. The birth chart position of Uranus shows your ability to evolve and describes how you respond and adapt to sudden changes in your circumstances or environment. Uranus can also explain situations where you behave like a misfit, rebel or evolutionist. It points to the areas of your life where you feel the greatest need for freedom.

Neptune in your Birth Chart Neptune describes what inspires you and shows how your dreams and visions influence the choices you make. The birth chart position of Neptune shows how sympathetic you are, and how easy it is for you to empathise with others. It can also warn against a tendency to be too sensitive and easily influenced by other peoples’ energies.

Pluto in your Birth Chart Pluto shows the extent of your personal power and defines how comfortable you feel with it. The birth chart position of Pluto explains how you work with power in order to transform into a more potent and effective version of yourself as – like a snake – you outgrow and shed the skins of earlier stages in your Life. Pluto has a natural affinity with the Death Card in the Tarot. It symbolises tough but transformational experiences which may take you through the dark night of the soul but which enable you to rise triumphant, like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Eris in your Birth Chart Astrologers are still gathering experience of working with Eris, the newly discovered dwarf planet of our solar system. Eris has been named for the Greek goddess of War, Strife & Disharmony. The birth chart position of Eris shows how capable you are of standing up for yourself. She brings out the Warrior in you, even at the cost of creating war and strife in your life. Eris is great for helping you to battle the bits of yourself that are out of harmony with who you really want to be.

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